Super Diet

With restrictions on bread, pasta & rice you can eat poultry, fish and meat freely.

Lifetyle Diet

You just need to choose a breakfast, lunch and evening meal option from the list of menus.

High Protein Diet

All protein is give unlimited with a big restrictions on your carbohydrates. you can have a small portion a day, but with no limits on vegetables.

Vegetarian Diet

2 diets; one including the use of dairy products and the other for vegans.

Plateau Diet

Extremely strict, do not use except when absolutely necessary.

Back to Basics

Far too many people avoid bread and potatoes when dieting and they don’t have to.


You can eat bread and potatoes but plenty of fruit and vegetables, with extra milk to add to those cereals and cups of tea.

Slimming Diets

Losing weight with Super Slim has never been easier.  With so many slimming diets to choose from you will always find something that suits you.  When you attend a Super Slim class the Group Leader will ask you questions about your current lifetyle.

She will then describe the diet that most suits your current eating habits and at the same time explain the principles of the diet.  If you join our online slimming club you can telephone one of our consultants will will guide you through this process and set your on your way like so many 1,000's that have joined our slimming clubs.

If you like the look of our diets and would like to know more... take a look at our online slimming service.  We have consultants that have worked for Super Slim for over 20 years!  YOU will get the personal advice of our consultants if you join our online slimming club.


Six Week Diet

Devised to be used over a full six-week period. Very strict.

Super Fast Diet

Short-term diet, with a self explanatory title.

Suggested Daily Menus

Basic diet but in day-to-day meal plans.

Easy Eater

This diet was designed from actual completed truth sheets.